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Boost your online business to new heights with Edgars Solo Ads' Premium Traffic Packages. These packages are designed to provide the ultimate traffic solution for your online venture.

With our Premium Traffic Packages, you can expect a steady flow of targeted visitors to your website, resulting in increased conversions and sales. Our email advertising services have been proven to deliver higher conversion rates and better results.

Our unique traffic generation approach ensures engaged and responsive leads see your ads. Save your time and money on effective traffic sources.

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Services we provide with every order:

We will send the solo ad email only to the subscriber's email list we own. There will be no pop-ups, junk traffic, or traffic exchanges.

We promise to deliver at least 95% or 100% top-tier traffic from Australia, the USA, Canada, the UK, and New Zealand.

Maintaining 100% unique clicks and eliminating raw clicks is our top priority.

Exceptional customer service and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The traffic will be directed at the agreed time frame.

This is how you can place an order:

Select a Traffic Package that meets your demands.

Place the order for the selected package.

After payment for PayPal, you will be redirected to a JotForm. Fill in the offer details on this form and then send it to us. If, for some reason, your popup blocker blocks it, please contact me directly via Facebook or email( info see below).

We will respond to your order request by email. It might take 12-24 hours to establish the contact. You will receive confirmation details along with other statistics via email.

PREMIUM Traffic Packages

min 95% Tier 1 Traffic


JUST $80

0.80 cpc 95% T1


JUST $156

0.78 cpc 95% T1


JUST $370

0.74 cpc 95% T1


JUST $228

0.76 cpc 95% T1


JUST $700

0.70 cpc 95% T1

What makes my list better?


I don't claim my list to be better than the hundreds of other email lists. I give results to prove my claim, and this is where I differ from the rest of the solo ads providers.


My email list is better because:

-You get high-quality traffic every time.

-You get fresh leads for all your offers.

-We provide 100% customer satisfaction.

-You will get fast results.

-You can avail of my email list at an affordable rate.

-There are different packages available to suit your needs.


We take care of every client's needs. Once you are associated with us, we will ensure that your site gets good traffic. So what are you waiting for? If you are ready to take your business to the next level, contact us. We will give you the best experience in the world of solo ads.

FAQs and Answers:


1. Is my valuable offer for your subscribers?

I am providing warm-up leads. All my leads are pre-qualified for IM, MMO, MLM, Home Biz, Biz Opp, Personal Development, Health, and Diet niches. All my leads will take interest in your offer as long as your offer belongs to one or all of the mentioned niches.

2. Do I provide a fresh list?

I add more than 500 new highly targeted subscribers to my list every day and generate more than 3,500 new leads every week. These are people who plan to buy products produced by your business.

3. Do I need a swipe?

No! I strongly believe in my traffic quality. That’s why I know how my leads respond, and I manage the ad copies and swipes. I am always ready to collaborate with your team if you insist.

4. Do I use a tool to generate an accurate traffic report?

Do not worry about statistics because I am committed to providing comprehensive traffic reports. You will get the reports once clicks are completed. You can check the quality of traffic drawn by my solo ads. I will also send live tracking statistics if you wish to check live statistics.

5. How long does it take to deliver your order?

It usually takes up to 24 hours to deliver an order. However, you will get increased traffic within the next 12-24 hours after buying my solo ads, so you won’t have to wait too long to get positive outcomes.

6. Do I guarantee subscribers and sales?

No! I do not guarantee subscribers or sales because these mainly depend on your offer to the target customers. However, I will thoroughly assess and improve your offer to make it a perfect match for my list. I always prioritize ensuring the funnel works before I promote my clients’ offers to my leads.

7. Do I send solo ads to my buyer list?

Yes, I do send solo ads to the buyers’ list. Most of the clients who chose my services are experiencing results beyond their expectations. They have made sales.

I can't wait to deliver your clicks and become your long-term traffic provider.

To your success,

Owner of Edgars Solo Ads