Messenger Marketing: Benefits and Best Practices



Messenger Marketing is one of the latest marketing strategies that use messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc., for marketing purposes. Messenger Marketing can work wonders by generating leads, providing customer services, making sales, and conducting one-on-one marketing but at scale. Businesses incorporate Messenger Marketing to take their business themselves to bigger audiences. The automated Chatbots of messenger apps can interact with customers and potential customers without requiring human interference. This permits businesses to use their personnel for better tasks. This makes Messenger Marketing one of the most common conversational marketing strategies. Prospects are reported to respond best to such marketing strategies. Businesses can use some of the tools and features from the list below to drive successful Messenger Marketing campaigns.


Growth of Messenger Marketing

In the last 5 years, a significant increase in people using messenger apps has been observed. Surprisingly, even social media platforms do not have as many users as messenger apps. In 2020 alone, 20 billion messages were exchanged between businesses and customers. Surveys have shown that 56% of customers prefer messaging over calling. But a control group of customers aged 30 to 44 years showed that only 38% prefer calls while the rest 62%, would rather go with texts. The engagement analytics seen by Messenger Marketing is 8 to 10 times better than email marketing. Chatbots are so self-sufficient that amongst the businesses using Messenger Marketing, only 1% of businesses were required to directly engage with the customers. It has been predicted that by 2023 messenger chatbots will bring in US $112 billion. These statistics indicate nothing but the growth of Messenger Marketing in the business world.

Best practices for a better Messenger Marketing Strategy

  • Segment and personalize the delivery of content

Segmentation is the first step in delivering personalized content. Customers respond best to personalized content, and personalization can be done only when enough information is available about the particular customer. Chatbots can collect this information for you.

  • Use conversational language in your messenger chatbot copy

Messenger chatbots deliver content directly to your customers’ inboxes. But customers read it completely only if they find it interesting. And what is more interesting than a unique conversation? So instead of sending a detailed note on your products, make your chatbot copy in a way it feels conversational.

  • Link Messenger chatbot in other marketing content

If your business is constantly generating marketing content, then it is best to link all that content to a single entity. Your messenger chatbot can be that entity. Add a link of your chatbot to your social media posts, blogs, video descriptions, emails, etc. This way, you can bring in more interactions for your chatbot.

Tools that help drive Messenger Marketing

  • ManyChat

ManyChat is one of the famous, globally used messenger apps most commonly used for Facebook Messenger. It has quite a user-friendly interface. The wide range of features of ManyChat, including growth functions, automation features, broadcast features, and audience insights, prove to be excellent choices for running Messenger Marketing campaigns.

  • Chatfuel

Chatfuel has a similar operating background as many messenger tools in the market. But the licey actionable chat feature makes it stand out. The free plan of Chatfuel is very extensive and impressive. Free templates are available for chatbot copies through the Template Marketplace.

  • Morph AI

Morph AI does not need you to know complex coding to set up Messenger Marketing. It has been predominantly used for WhatsApp, but it is compatible with almost all messenger apps. With Morph AI, businesses can even collect and process payments for their services and products.


Top brands doing it well with Messenger Marketing

  • Uber

Uber partnered with Facebook Messenger to give their customers the joys of instant booking. Just by clicking on a location through Facebook Messenger, users can now not only order a ride but also make payments, receive receipts, and share their current location along with ETA to their friends.

  • Whole Foods

Whole Foods launched its messenger app through which you can order anything you desire. It is not just a shopping app. You can find recipes along with the exact amount of ingredients required. So, if you tell the chatbot you need ingredients for a 3 person Alfredo pasta, you will be able to order exactly the amount of ingredients required from Whole Foods.

  • LEGO

LEGO launched a gift bot on Facebook Messenger. This bot asks questions and recommends gifts that you can buy for a particular person depending on your answers. This conversational chatbot is an excellent tool for parents wondering what to gift their child.


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