Hey, I am Edgars Skujins, and I welcome you to Edgars Solo Ads, where you get only targeted traffic and results.

Being in this field for more than eight years, I know how important online traffic is for an online business. Many businesses and new startups fail because they can’t attract visitors. The success of your business depends on quality traffic. Once you accomplish this challenge, nothing is going to stop you from reaching new horizons.

It is my responsibility to drive top-quality traffic on my clients’ platforms. You get several packages to choose from. These packages are suitable for all sizes and kinds of businesses.

You have reached your destination if you have been looking for the most trusted solo ad provider. Continue reading to reveal how my services can be a game-changer for your business.


Flawless marketing tactics are essential for the quick growth of your business. Solo ads have played a crucial role in the growth of many businesses. It is a type of email marketing, but it is way more effective.

Solo ads generate a huge profit for some businesses, but not for all. It is up to your target audience and business, whether it will benefit you or not.

Many solo ads providers are active in the market. Only the best in this field can help you in the growth. I have never disappointed my clients. I have always provided my clients with top quality leads, which like to take a look at your offer.

The following reasons make my traffic best for your demands:

I only offer top-quality traffic. We get your offer and resend it to leads, which are searching for businesses like yours. This tactic drives huge traffic to your website within the shortest possible time. 

Fast Delivery

I don’t like to wait and I’m sure you also don’t like it. Therefore, it is my top priority to provide services as soon as you transfer the payment. We often deliver the required order immediately to ensure client satisfaction. 

Fresh Leads

You can expect 100% fresh leads. A new email list is prepared for each client after considering their offers. Only genuinely interested subscribers make that list and no waste of time at all!

Client Satisfaction

It is the best platform to find solo ads. I ensure 100% client satisfaction. We also provide cost-effective solo ads on this website.

We are always ready to guide you if you are seeking support with solo ads. Get in touch right now to access our solo ads directory.


You must be wondering what “solo ads” are if you have not heard this term before.

Solo ads are based on quite a simple concept. Consider it a type of email marketing to endorse your business and services. You need to find a solo ad company to use their email subscriber’s list for promotion. You can choose a package and keep sending your promotional ads to genuine users on that email list.

Solo ads marketing helps new businesses growing faster. Rarely anyone knows about you when you are new in the market. You can use a high-quality email list to reach more people and generate more sales. You can gain a huge profit if you follow the best solo ads marketing tactics.

This form of email marketing will benefit you if you pick the right solo ad company. Always choose a reputed and well-established company, which has a huge number of subscribers. Once you hired such a company, you can create promotions, pay that company, and ask it to forward those promotions to potential customers.

Your emails reach only to the genuine people, who are seeking offers like yours. They take interest in your email, click the link, visit your website, and you get more traffic to increase the sales.

Solo ad providing companies are already established in the market. They have a huge user base and they sell solo ads to other SMBs to ensure their growth. You can also become a solo ad provider once you are well-established in the market.

For now, I am your best chance to get on track and gain more sales. I guarantee 100% results! My solo ads will drive top-quality traffic on your website. You will pay an affordable price and ensure the quick growth of your business.




We know every business is different and it has a limited budget. Therefore, we are providing you with multiple subscription options. Our packages are available in all price ranges.

Check all our solo ad packages with their prices. My platform provides top-quality service at the lowest price. You will certainly experience positive results and then you would love to continue using my services.

Services we provide with every order:

• We will send the solo ad email only to the subscriber's email list we own. There will be no pop-ups, no junk traffic, and no traffic exchanges at all.

• We promise to deliver at least above 95% or 100% top tier traffic from Australia, USA, Canada, UK, and New Zealand.

• It is our top priority to maintain 100% unique clicks and eliminate raw clicks.

• We guarantee 15% over delivery.

• Exceptional customer service and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

• The traffic will be directed at the agreed time frame.

This is how you can place an order:

• Select a Traffic Package that meets your demands.

• Place the order for the selected package.

• After PayPal payment, you will be redirected to a JotForm. Use this form to fill in the offer details and then send that form to us. If for some reason your popup blocker blocks it, please contact me directly via Facebook or email( info see below).

We will respond to your order request by email. It might take 12-24 hours to establish the contact. You will receive confirmation details along with other important statistics via email.

HIGH Quality Traffic

95% Tier 1 Traffic - 15% Over Delivery

Anyone availing these traffic packages will get 95% tier 1 traffic with 15% over delivery. You have different options under this category.


JUST $70

0.35 cpc 95% T1 15% Over-delivery


JUST $35

0.35 cpc 95% T1 15% Over-delivery


JUST $165

0.33cpc 95% T1 15% Over-delivery


JUST $102

0.34 cpc 95% T1 15% Over-delivery


JUST $320

0.32 cpc 95% T1 15% Over-delivery

What my list is the BEST?


I am a result-oriented person. My email lists have delivered the best results to all my clients. 


The following reasons make my email list the best for your solo ad marketing campaign:

• high-quality traffic

• guaranteed fresh leads

• 100% customer satisfaction

• Fast and positive results

• Affordable price

• Multiple packages to suit your demands


We try to provide the best support to every client. It is our top priority to drive traffic faster on your web pages once you choose our service. Our dealership will take your business to new heights of success. Don’t wait anymore and contact us right now! It would be the best decision for the fast growth of your business.  

FAQs and Answers:

 1. Is my offer useful for your subscribers?

I am providing warmed-up leads. All my leads are pre-qualified for IM, MMO, MLM, Home Biz, and Biz Opp, Health and Diet niches. All my leads will take interest in your offer as long as your offer belongs to one or all of the mentioned niches.

2. Do I provide a fresh list?

Above 500 new highly targeted subscribers are added to my list every day. I generate more than 3,500 new leads every week. These are people, planning to buy products produced by your business.

3. Do I need a swipe?

No! I strongly believe in my traffic quality. That’s why I know the way my leads respond and therefore I alone manage the ad copies and swipe. I am always ready to collaborate with your team if you insist.

4. Do I use a tool to generate an accurate traffic report?

Do not worry about statistics because I am committed to providing comprehensive traffic reports. You will get the reports once clicks are completed. You can check the quality of traffic drawn by my solo ads. I will also send live tracking statistics if you wish to check live statistics.

5. How long do I take to deliver your order?

It usually takes up to 24 hours to deliver an order. However, you will get increased traffic within the next 12-24 hours after buying my solo ads. So, you won’t wait too long to get positive outcomes.

6. Do I guarantee subscribers and sales?

No! I do not guarantee subscribers or sales because these mainly depend on the offer you make to the target customers. However, I will thoroughly assess your offer and improve it to make it a perfect match for my list. It is always my top priority to ensure the funnel works before I promote my client’s offers to my leads.

7. Do I send solo ads to my buyer list?

Yes, I do send solo ads to the buyers’ list. Most of the clients, who chose my services, are experiencing results beyond their expectations. They got better sales than before.

I can't wait to deliver your clicks and become your long term traffic provider.

To your success,

Owner of Edgars Solo Ads